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Welcoming Pin and Scroll

Forrest and Cheri talking future plans for furniture and design...

We are excited to add a vendor partner to our business as we expand into our new design studio at 222 Pine Street! 

Forrest Cramer, a Fort Collins, CO native and former violin maker, is the owner of Fort Collins-based Pin and Scroll, a custom/artisan furniture and carpentry company that uses locally harvested wood to create unique pieces. This boutique aspect is a major addition to our work and it is an honor to work creatively with someone who is so talented and to create original works together!

English Elm Bench by Pin and Scroll

English Elm Bedroom Set nighstand by Pin and Scroll, part of a full bedroom set

Forrest Cramer and Cheri Freestone, getting ready to launch the design studio at 222 Pine Street

Stay tuned for more photos and information on Forrest's work and our shared projects and please visit for more from Forrest's portfolio! 

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