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THE ROCKVIEW PROJECT: Warmth, Mountain Views, and Rejuvenated Style

The completed design of the Rockview Project's fireplace

When we met our clients Kyle and Sonja, they were new owners of a 2002 custom home in Colorado that they had only lived in for a year before heading to Istanbul for an extended stay. Their house was designed by an architect and builder who resided there several years before selling it to the family that had it prior to them purchasing it in the end of 2019. During its 17 year history, little had been done to update or alter its original look and Kyle and Sonja fell in love with the home instantly when they were searching the market. We went to work on two key areas of the home that did need some updates.

The large wall in the living room was lacking impact. With this in mind and through consultation with Kyle and Sonja, their vision became reality when we designed and built a stunning, eight foot wide fireplace.

Kyle commented, “We did not want to just do an ordinary fireplace. We wanted to honor long, linear lines of style in our home. Cheri designed the new stone fireplace and custom mantel and we love it.” Kyle and Sonja were exceptional to work with as their ideas were clear and rooted in the home’s existing “bones.” Kyle added that Cheri did a great job of making their dream into reality as they didn’t want to veer away from the house’s style.

Initial phase of new fireplace installation

Completed fireplace and custom mantel

We launched the second phase of the remodel, which was to knock out a solid wall across the back of the living room where there was only a door to a screened in porch. The space was lacking visual access to the stunning views of Horsetooth that removing the wall would create. A standard slider wasn’t going to do the space or the views any justice, so instead, we added a three panel accordion-style, glass door and a custom railing on the deck. “Now it feels so much more open and like there is tremendously open space. We have that indoor/outdoor living experience, high ceilings, and unbeatable views,” Kyle remarked.

BEFORE: Solid wall blocks mountain views, light

DURING: Opening created for new accordion-style door

DURING: 3 panel accordion-style door is installed

AFTER: Light, mountain views, and a contemporary update create style and warmth

“This project was a dream come true for us and completed our house that we love. We feel the outdoors coming into the house and we spend most of our time in the warmer months enjoying the patio space that flows into the main living area.” Kyle and Sonja were even able to entertain this way on Christmas Day of 2020 as the weather was unseasonably warm!

For Kyle and Sonja, their remodel project gave them what they wanted while making the experience easy and enjoyable. Their testimony says it all; “The Freestones were incredibly flexible and had no problem pausing the project when COVID hit and we were stuck in Istanbul, wondering when we’d return to Colorado. Even when we did return, they were so approachable and never difficult. It was easy to communicate with them and they were so attentive.”

AFTER: New glass door, custom fireplace bring new life to a unique home

Clear vision, expert design and craftsmanship, and those views that nature provided for us in this project resulted in a perfect outcome and one that brought additional visual appeal to an existing masterpiece of a home. These two key areas that were addressed of the fireplace need and the desire for more openness to the outdoors were exactly what the Rockview home needed to step into 2021 and beyond with style.

AFTER: A cozy spot by the stunning fireplace

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