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Scandi Style: Simply Beautiful Holiday Décor

When it comes to minimalist approach to holiday décor, we love to follow Scandinavian style. Known for the use of a few key elements, rather than over-the-top, flashy, or lit up everything, most Scandinavian homes are styled simply. The elegance of this shines through and reflects a culture of quality over quantity and beauty in natural, rustic elements. A few good items, especially when set in a home that has the same aesthetic of minimalism, can bring a festive, warm mood without a great deal of fanfare.

A neutral palette mixed with lighted, white stars and brown paper packages are simple touches that create Scandi style.

The Scandinavian concept of “hygge” has caught on across many other parts of the world, including the US, in recent years. The Danish word loosely translates into English as a feeling of coziness; the warmth and ambiance felt through cozy elements (think chunky yarn blankets, thick socks, hot cocoa, a fireplace, etc.). Hygge (pronounced “HYOO-gahh”), is reflected in Scandi Christmas decor as warm, inviting elements and simple touches add to a home’s welcoming vibe.

An inviting, minimalist, cozy corner decorated with simple neutrals.

We love the elements of Scandi style all year, but when it comes to holiday decor, it’s especially appealing as it incorporates some key ideas:

--Neutrals: Grays, whites, and black are typical in the Scandi style palette

--Evergreen branches, other types of natural elements such as twigs

--Lighter wood, such as birch or ash

--Geometric designs, minimal patterns

--Natural elements such as wool, linen, burlap, and cotton

--Lighting: white lights (still) on strings, candles, dimmed fixtures, lamps (less overhead or bright lights, more simple touches)

--Cozy additions to each room: think natural elements, anything reflecting a feeling of warmth

--Simplicity: Above all, keeping things to a minimum is key

--Natural tree(s): Artificial trees are not the norm in Scandinavia and usually Christmas trees are not perfect, nor are they huge. Smaller living spaces, which are typical in the cities, lend themselves to smaller, more simple tree choices. Décor is minimalist here, too, with a few, perhaps handmade ornaments and simple garland or lights is all it takes to be festive without excess.

--Wreaths: Natural, simple wreaths and lighting touches may accent the walls throughout a Scandinavian home, or one wreath, perhaps hung in the main living or gathering area, will add a festive touch.

For dining spaces, white candles, touches of black and white, and a few sprigs of evergreen add beautiful accent and warmth.

Simple yet elegant dining room setting (courtesy of Theresa Frith, C3 Real Estate Solutions)

In other rooms, items such as a white star, a small tree with a few decorations, or gnomes (a popular choice, including here in the US) in neutral shades will carry the festive theme throughout the home.

White accents are the perfect amount of color against a traditionally neutral holiday palette in the Scandi style.

In any case, don’t forget to bring the hygge; it makes all the difference.

The bedroom area, accented with a small tree, warm blankets, and white lights for holiday ambiance.

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