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Kitchen Trends That Go Way Beyond White

July 13, 2018

Don’t get us wrong; we LOVE white kitchens and we have designed and installed many of them! White is the current go-to in the design world as it is the epitome of simplicity, modern, and it lends itself to so many styles of design to go in around it as accent colors. But the tables are turning a bit in the design world this year and we are starting to see some very interesting new color choices on kitchen cabinets and the accent colors around them.

Green and blue are emerging as very popular and the shades of these are endless. From pale sage to emerald or Kelly green, from pale gray blue to deep, dark shades of navy, the colors are running the gamut and many remodels are incorporating rich color schemes in lieu of white. You may read this and think you’d “tire” of these types of colors quickly, but they are actually more practical than you may realize.

Beyond being a “trend,” they actually have purpose, such as in soft green tones, which help to diffuse light and make a room seem warmer and more inviting.

Blues are typically considered soothing and relaxing and evoke psychological reactions of trust and security (think banks and accounting firms; many use blue in their logos). Remember when it was the norm to “dress for success” in a navy suit? That is because navy is considered dark without being “somber” as black can appear at times and it’s “rich” without going over the top. It is also considered neutral in terms of being able to pair with myriad colors in terms of woods, hardware, and accent pieces.

In addition to the color craze, we are seeing a tremendous shift from highly glazed, varnished cabinets to natural ones. The natural look often involves unique wood choices and design and just a coat or two of natural glaze to “finish” the cabinet and give it a smooth texture.

Using the natural stain approach brings out the wood’s natural lines and color without changing it or altering it to a high gloss, as we have seen in past design trends. This more rustic look isn’t just for achieving the country or farmhouse look, it is used across the spectrum of genres and we are seeing it (and incorporating it) into Scandinavian design, traditional, and highly contemporary spaces, including this teakwood kitchen and dining area. Although this wood appears a bit darker than some, using it with bold punches of color like lime green and white provide stark contrast and impact in this open room.

When blended with the right flooring, backsplashes, hardware, and paint, the look of natural goes a long way and rather than look overly minimalist, the natural cabinets provide a subtle yet rich core to a kitchen and allow for pops of color or a sleek, pale, neutral look throughout.

Whatever your preference, the good news is we have evolved in design to the point where it really is about what you like, versus just chasing trends. Many of our clients over the years have had traditional, suburban homes that they wanted to update to look “more like their style” and to be more reflective and efficient in terms of lifestyle.

Incorporating interior design that is one on one and sensitive to the client’s preferences and how they will live in a space (not just what WE like) is how we are setting ourselves apart. Paired with expert carpentry and installation, we are taking kitchens and beyond from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Consider some color or natural cabinetry in your next remodel and see what a huge difference these can make in transforming your space to the next level.

Author: Dawn Duncan, Founder/President, Yellowbright, Inc., a Fort Collins, CO-based marketing and copywriting firm. 970-980-6399

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