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Cobblestone: Innovative Design and a Full Refresh

The remodeled Cobblestone basement is full of light as a result of a large, new window.

“We didn’t even think these changes were possible.” That’s what homeowners AJ and Susanna said upon completion of our Cobblestone project this year and their home reflects exactly what we love to do: showcase possibilities. The changes made to this home have been exceptional and we tackled multiple areas, including the basement, laundry area, three baths, and a good amount of reconfiguration to create a guest room and office downstairs, in two separate phases.

The Cobblestone home was built in 1984. Like many homes of this era, the home was dark by comparison to what homeowners tend to build and gravitate towards today. The basement was two thirds finished, but was all underground, lacked light, and no one enjoyed being down there, especially AJ and Susanna’s kids. It was bedecked with paneling, wallpaper, small windows, and an uninviting look and feel, making it a somewhat wasted space. We wanted to change this in a way that wasn’t just basic remodeling; this area needed a total overhaul and redesign and Scott came up with a brilliant idea to create an egress cedar stair “trough” window well design. The south wall of the basement could then bring in light like the wall above it upstairs and as the longest wall in the lower level of the home, this entailed digging a large hole to build a tiered landscape feature outside the windows. The result was light streaming in through the windows, brightening the space and giving it an entirely new appeal.

Slideshow: The Cobblestone basement before, during, and after remodel.

The homeowners’ aesthetic is what they describe as “fairly contemporary.” Yet their home didn’t reflect this. The bathrooms were dated and many aspects of the space were not designed with convenience or accessibility in mind. We set out to think through how the home would be used, what areas were important, and how we could maximize space to create the most inviting look possible throughout. In addition to the design and build projects, this home also received new HVAC and plumbing, fully updating its function and efficiency.

Entertainment, dining/project areas, and storage space are abundant in the new Cobblestone basement.

When Phase 1, the basement was completed, it resulted in the egress project changing the light and approachability of the major space downstairs. We then sectioned an area as a guest room and another as AJ’s office, completing these to blend in with the rest of the home by giving fresh updates. Phase 1 also involved moving the home’s laundry area so that it would be hidden from view, yet conveniently accessed. Where Scott discovered challenges for us to work through, such as moving the laundry, Cheri and Savannah applied their design skills to go beyond the basics. The space now has ample room to do laundry, keep it out of sight, and allow for organization.

BEFORE: Master bathroom was dated, in need of an update.

Next, Phase 2 involved redoing three of the home’s four bathrooms. First, we redesigned the master bath to be more efficient and modern. The vanity needed updating with minimal storage and tiny sinks, we changed the drawer configuration and added a tall cabinet on the end to created more storage. The light up mirrors in the master bath are wonderful in both style and function! In addition, we tiled, and installed a contemporary glass door shower.

Master bathroom, with lighted mirrors above the new vanity.

Modern, glass shower with sleek hardware in master bathroom.

Next, the kids’ bathroom was redone to give a clean, modern look and feel, while also offering space to stow items, helping to keep the room organized and functional. By changing the vanity to now include two sinks and mirrors, as the original design had a massive countertop, yet only one sink.

Below: The kids' bathroom at Cobblestone had a complete makeover to add function and design flair, plus double mirrors and lighting above the new vanity.

Lastly, the two-piece powder room was redone, making it a beautiful, albeit small, room that guests can use while the family entertains. It has a custom tile accent wall and dramatic plumbing fixtures to make it the “wow factor” bathroom!

“For us, the quality of the work on our home is the real standout,” AJ said. The homeowners told us that they loved working with Freestone Design-Build because of our flexibility, ingenuity, and ability to see through existing design and come up with smart ways to bring the home into 2021. “Everyone was giving all their creativity and knowledge, all of the time,” Susanna said. “Where we didn’t know something was even possible, Scott and Cheri did.” The second phase of the projects were done during the pandemic and they were careful to respect the home and the family during the process to ensure everyone’s safety. This included close management of our team as well as subcontractors and the family has indicated that this was something they appreciated.

“We are always grateful to have such a high percentage of repeat clients,” Scott and Cheri said. “It’s truly the best compliment, to have people love our work and keep coming back to us.”

In the end, AJ, Susanna, and their kids, ages 12 and 15, have a clean, organized, and bright home that they can enjoy together, using every room and each space. Cobblestone is bright and functional, ready for years to come.

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