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Brian Miller: Celebrating 20 Years With Freestone Design-Build!

It was the year 2000 when Brian Miller was in the process of finishing his undergraduate degree at CSU and looking for a part-time job. Through a colleague of Scott Freestone, Brian got in touch with Freestone Design-Build, but was told the company wasn’t hiring. After persistence, Scott decided to bring Brian on board and go from there. Now, Brian celebrates his 20th anniversary at Freestone Design-Build and has been able to work in our family atmosphere, know our clients, and be immersed in many facets of the business.

“I feel like I am part of the family, not just an employee,” Brian commented with enthusiasm. “I enjoy the collaboration with Scott and Cheri and we will frequently have "meetings" or lunches that last hours, talking about all sorts of life topics, not just work. I appreciate that for the most, work doesn't always feel like work. I work for people that actually care about you and that is also reflected in how they treat and work with our clients.”

Brian has always been interested in working with his hands and building or tinkering with things. “My grandfather was always working on or fixing something and I was always interested in what he was doing and trying to help. My dad was a teacher and had summers off and every summer he would be working on the house in some manner (painting, re-shingling the roof, removing/repairing/restoring the wood siding). My brother and I would help him, most times to our irritation, however it provided the exposure and experience to remodeling houses. My friends and I also used to build forts, skate board ramps, etc., and were always into projects,” Brian said.

In his 20 years at the company, Brian has witnessed numerous changes, not just in the business, but in our community of Fort Collins, CO and the Northern Colorado region, as it has exploded with growth and expanded in building styles, amenities, and connectivity to surrounding towns.

He reflected, “Our community has and continues to grow at a rapid pace. It would be easy to expand and grow as a business just as fast, however, Freestone LLC has taken the time to get the policies/procedures/staff/sub-contractors, etc. in place and the company has grown at a more manageable pace. This has ensured the homeowners are getting the attention, quality and personalized experience they deserve. It allows for individualized time and planning and makes the homeowners feel unique rather than just another number or project on the schedule.”

Brian continues to be inspired by his work and stated, “In custom remodeling there's always new problem solving on each project. No two projects are the same. Once you open up walls and floors there's usually new discoveries to be made and sometimes these provide new opportunities to trouble shoot and solve a problem. I'm a problem solver and (most days) I enjoy that aspect the most. I also enjoy the variety each project entails. Some days I'll be doing demo work, another framing, another tile, other days it's all project management. I enjoy the non-repetitive nature of the job.”

Brian was diligent in getting the attention of Scott Freestone and offers advice to others who may be looking to join the ranks of this dynamic field. “Be persistent! Listen, ask questions and become an active participant in what you are doing. Remodeling is not a passive job. If you want to succeed and move up the ladder, you have to be motivated. Admit when you don't know something and seek out and ask the ones who do. Make those connections; they will last a lifetime.”

On a personal note, Brian has been married for 16 years to wife Catherine McGowan who is an HR Partner at the City of Fort Collins and father to son Nate, 11 years old and who will be heading into sixth grade in the fall of 2020. Brian is a family guy who commented, “I enjoy spending time with my son playing sports, riding dirt bikes and going on outdoor adventures. As a family we like to hike, camp and enjoy time playing cards, especially Rummy. I enjoy hunting and playing the piano when I able to find the time.”

We want to sincerely thank Brian for his 20 years of dedication to Freestone Design-Build and we look forward to continuing to watch him grow in his career and commitment to the field of remodeling!

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