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A Few of Our Favorite Trends!

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Vintage accents add flair to a dining area

2021 is Full of Surprises

We’ve always stood by the idea that trends are wonderful bursts of new, creative energy in design and we love watching them ebb and flow. We don’t subscribe to being “overly trendy” in our work, as we believe that our clients want and need spaces that are timeless at the core and offer the flexibility to add pops of colors, trends, and accents to keep the space rejuvenated and fresh.

This year, House & Garden Magazine, known for its impeccable eye and trend-spotting abilities, has curated their list of what they see coming up for 2021 in interior design trends and we are on board with many of them!

Here are a few of our favorites from the full list:

1. Rustic Vogue: For this one, think rustic beams, roughly-hewn tables and furniture pieces, earthy elements mixed in with more luxe fabrics, clean lines, and modern punch. This blend of contemporary and more natural pieces is something we gravitate toward and so do many of our clients. Being a Colorado-based firm, we're surrounded by "rustic" with dense woods, mountains, and infinite nature influences and this trend is one that is intrinsic in our aesthetic.

2. Indoor Plants: It’s hard to believe indoor plants ever went out of style, but in the 1990’s, they were viewed as “dated.” This is not to say everyone jumped on the bandwagon and threw out their green and leafy friends, but they were not as “in” as in the 1970’s-80’s. Now, we’ve seen succulents gain immense popularity the past few years and in 2021, we’re going to be seeing a lot more hanging plants and big blooms in interior spaces. Plants offer great bursts of color, they offer energy to a space, and they’re good for you, too, by removing pollutants and allergens from the air. They also pack a good dose of oxygen in your space, too, so that’s an added bonus!

Plants add color and a touch of nature to this earthy bathroom

A rustic plant stand is perfect for displaying natural beauty

Rich green walls blend with natural elements and plants in a simple dining space

3. Global: We can’t say enough good things about this trend. In fact, we think it’s more of a mainstay than an on again, off again occurrence in design! We’ll be seeing (and implementing) a lot of wood, rattan, woven elements and fabrics, safari-influenced décor and motifs, and an eclectic mix of styles from around the world. Warm tones and a mix of colors will round out this look and bring it all together.

4. French Country Chic: If you look at our portfolio, you won’t see a lot of “shabby chic,” but this trend is interesting to us in that it is, like the “Rustic Vogue” trend, mixing rustic woods, distressed pieces, and more natural pieces with accents that are more luxurious. As House & Garden writes, “gilded linens and flea market finds” will be paired with these more rustic pieces and that look, to us, is fabulous.

French Country Chic is a perfect way to brighten a kitchen

French Country Chic accents liven up this neutral bedroom

5. Vintage: Contemporary accents made to look aged and/or antique items bring a unique look to a home. Flea market finds have their place in the spotlight this New Year, where conversation pieces add beautiful elegance, quirkiness, and artful resonance; this is the ecclectic vibe that is easy to achieve by just following what speaks to you and arranging it creatively to enhance your living spaces. Paintings, unique mix and match frames, antique mirrors; these and many other types of vintage picks will bring the old into the new and offer a fun way to change your home's look and feel.

Cary Grant & Grace Kelly: perfect vintage

What’s looking absolutely fantastic in 2021 is that really anything goes if it’s done with a conscientious approach. Approachable, livable space shouldn’t be overdone, overly ostentatious. Instead, finding pieces that speak to you and inspire you, blended with thematic design, will allow for a personalized home that feels warm, inviting, and….on trend, too.

HAPPY 2021!

For the Homes & Gardens full list, visit:

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