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About Us

Scott Freestone

Company Founder, Co-Owner

Scott is a Fort Collins, CO native who brings 30 years of hands-on experience to his work as a contractor, remodeling and tile expert, and business owner. His attention to detail and strong customer service focus are the foundation of his work, and he strives to produce top quality work that he and his clients are proud to showcase. He and his wife, Cheri, are the co-owners of Freestone Design-Build and have created a family business that is providing a legacy for their three children. From initial concept through full project execution, Scott is involved in each company project and works directly with his team and clients.

Cheri Freestone

Senior Interior Designer, Co-Owner


Cheri is a Fort Collins, CO native who serves as the company's Senior Interior Designer and Co-Owner. Cheri's background includes more than 20 years of dedicated focus in the area of design and she enjoys staying informed of current and upcoming trends for home interiors as well as studying traditional design elements. Her ability to bring warmth and feeling to even the most contemporary and industrial spaces is her signature style and she works directly with clients to explore their preferences, ideas, and desired uses for their living spaces. Cheri has been recognized nationally for her work and is committed to a high level of communication in each of her projects.

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